How should we react to 2020’s global pandemic?

Coronavirus is a real threat with predictions that 40 -70% of the world population will be affected. The economy of countries tumbling like a stack of dominos, Covid-19 has taken over the world by storm. Enormously pressuring both the individual and the community leading to the most important question, How do we react to this […]

The art of converting anger into disciplined energy

Becoming a scientist is one of the challenging missions you could undertake. And being one who is funded to think is unfathomable. You have to be a bad-ass when it comes to thinking, with years of experience under your belt. You make theorems, chemicals and modified DNA strains that change the way the world works. […]

Life isn’t black and white

Source: Image editz: Harish De Hamilton There was conflict everywhere. Cannons fired, bullets shot. The place was chaotic. Each blow was devastating. And both units didn’t seem to back off.  The fight went on for several minutes as I sat in the middle of the battlefield watching everything happening. But something shocked me. The […]

I fell in love with death and she taught me to live

It was 3 in the morning. My exhausted eyes pleaded me to stop watching random dog videos, but the task seemed insurmountable. I detested my life, the world around me felt hostile and I was a narcissistic addicted cry baby finding it difficult to move my lethargic ass away from my desk chair for the […]

You too can save the world and it is free of cost

We have grown up watching superheroes with huge powers saving the world. We become inspired and imitate their moves hoping that we too can become a superhero someday. As we grow up the thought of saving the world becomes ‘Unrealistic’. So dreams of saving the world, die in our brains. Very few people act on […]

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