1. Excuse me, do I know you?

Hi there buddy. What’s up? I’m Sivashanmugam, just call me Siva. I was so bored with my life so I fabricated this blog (Sapienthoughts) out of thin air. I love reading, gaming and sneaking icecreams into my bedroom at 2 in the morning. I consider myself as a minimalist, a callisthenics enthusiast and a health junkie. I’m 20 years old, doing my senior year in an engineering college.

2. So, what’s this blog about?

I know that my brain is the most laziest organ in the plant which I’m not proud of. In an attempt to piss off my brain, I dive into the pool of new ideas and perspectives dragging my brain along with me. I know I jump into places that aren’t pretty always (rephrase), so in an attempt to jump into better pools (try to change) I use this public forum to join forces with people who love to piss off their brains with new ideas. I’m strong alone but I wish to be stronger with your own opinions and ideas- Link – Which seems to help people in the process.

We’re filled with misjudgements and bad decisions – Link

3. Why do you write all this stuff?

Write we’re filled with misjudgements thing. Just beacuse I write about this doesn’t mean I’m right and you’re wrong. It’s just that we’re better when we work together rather than trying figure this out all by ourselves.

4. Is there any way I could contact you?

Oh absolutely! You can find me on the following platforms. And I prefer emails to social media so feel free to contact me. (rephrase)

5. This seems interesting. Can you help me piss off my brain too?

Oh sure why not? Just drop your email in the signup form below and you’ll be notified with my new articles every week.

6. Are there any notable works of yours?

My articles are featured in Becomming minimalist and several medium publications.

7. Can I go now? Because my dog’s growling at me for not taking her for walk

Gubbye! And say hi to your dog for me.