Why are we addicted

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When we hear the word addiction our brain immediately associates with all sorts of crazy imaginations. Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Pornography, Smartphones(duh it’s me!).

It’s great if you cannot identify yourself with any of the above addictions, but I bet there must be something that you are addicted to.

Let me spit out some of those.

Watching the news 24×7 is an addiction, making sure that the table is clean is all times is an addiction.

“Cleanliness is an addiction, are you out of your mind?”

There are people I have met in my life, once a place gets a little cluttery, they go into zombie mode like

“Clean! Clean! Clean!”

And yeah minus the ugly teeth, crooked back and pointing arms(Coz, That would a horrible thing to watch).

Let’s face it. We humans probably suck most of the time and the worst creatures who could exert self-control. We all are horribly flawed.

And all of us are obsessed about something. Be it cleaning, reading, exercising, meditation, productivity, or even work.

“Reading? Meditation? Have you gone nuts?”

All these habits are great but even when this habit becomes an obsession they do more harm than good.

Your wife goes like

“Hey baby, can we go to the party?”

I gotta work.

“Hey baby, can we visit the temple?”

I gotta work.

“Hey mister, WE NEED TO TALK”

I gotta work.


I gotta work.

“F*ck you dammit”

I gotta work.

Ok, the last one wasn’t true, but the bottom line is that we are obsessed about it be it anything.

And why are we obsessed?

We are running away from the things that we fear. Yeah, that’s right. Read it once more.

You are obsessed about work because you think you would lose if you stop working/ you are afraid of socializing/ you hold being busy as a badge of honor.

I am obsessed with smartphones and gaming because I am afraid to confront boredom.

But I am trying to face it, head on as best I can. So that I could make myself a better human

Once you become aware, accept that you are obsessed and start doing something about it.

Fears are like shadow. They keep following you no matter where you go. Your obsessions and addictions can never save you from your fears. It’s hard I know, but the only way to be out is to face them.

Becoming aware of our obsessions is a liberating thing and being free of it is the most liberating thing of all and that’s how you start building meaningful life.

Yeah I said it 🙂

It’s boredom for me, What about you?


[1]Inspired by the article on How to Overcome your demons by Mark Manson

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