Here’s the stuff I wish to do before I go six feet under. I will check off when I reach my goals. Here we go,

Created checklist on: 21st June 2020

Last updated on: 21st June 2020


  1. Speak 5 languages fluently
  2. Finish reading the infinite jest
  3. Read 10 books on psychology


  1. Drive a Mini-cooper
  2. Own a minimalist house/ tiny apartment


  1. Learn to surf
  2. Go bungee-jumping
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Go deep-sea diving
  5. Go rafting
  6. Go on a road trip
  7. Create a snowman
  8. Ride a go-cart on a professional track
  9. Go on a hike on a mountain
  10. Experience Zero Gravity


  1. Get 2,000,000 blog subscribers
  2. Get featured on 10 successful blogs
  3. Start a course on how to improve your writing skills for kids(especially) and young adults
  4. Become a columnist for a newspaper or a magazine


  1. Become a Financially Independent
  2. Create 5 income streams with at least 10000 rupees each/month


  1. Bicycle 100 kilometres on a single day
  2. Learn self-defence (Any one: Boxing, Martial arts, Kungfu, Jijitsu etc…)
  3. Do a handstand on a double bar
  4. Reach a bodyweight of 70kgs (pure muscle or infinitely small amount of bodyfat)
  5. Do a human flag when I am above 50 years old
  6. Learn basic first aid
  7. Build your own callisthenics park(Pull up bar, Dip bar, Parallel bars close to the ground)
  8. Have a friendly fight (A match) with a friend
  9. Participate in a cycling race


  1. Raise a dog
  2. Hug a wild animal
  3. Live a night amongst the woods
  4. Plant a tree and water it for atleast 5 years
  5. Visit 5 zoos
  6. Make fire using sticks, rocks and knife like a forager
  7. Go on a safari


  1. Learn to cook
  2. Make all your meals of 1 day yourself
  3. Learn to drive a car
  4. Pull an insane or savage level prank on a friend(try to catch on video if possible)
  5. Learn to play my favourite 50 songs on a musical instrument


  1. Travel on a ship
  2. Live in a foreign country for atleast a week
  3. Actively participate in a cultural tradition of a foreign country
  4. Go on a trip to atleast 2 countries (Europe and Russia for now)


  1. Donate 50,000 rupees to charity
  2. Pay a kid’s tuition for an entire year
  3. Buy books(all that you’ve read) for a library or a school
  4. Raise at least 1,00,000 rupees for a charity

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