This is why you feel like a sloth all day

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Sloths, the slowest mammals on the planet. They sleep for over 15 hours every single day.

Do you feel like one? Being tired all day regardless of whether you worked.

But have you ever wondered why you feel like a stupid, lazy exhausted sloth even on a weekend??


Where does all of that surplus energy that you get vanish?

Let us assume that the following are some tasks involved in everyday human life (on average).

You wake up, brush your teeth, dress up, have your breakfast, commute to the workplace, do your work, then lunch comes up, blah, blah, blah… and finally you come home for dinner.

What can you find in common in all these tasks?


An average adult makes over 35000 decisions a day.

Over 30000 of them are nothing more than energy suckers. Yes! You heard me

Damn E-N-E-R-G-Y S-U-C-K-E-R-S!.

You might have seen kids playing all day without losing their energy. Ever wondered how those kids do so without getting tired?

This is because they only make around 3000 decisions a day.

The difference seems a bit large ain’t it?

You only have a few fucks to give everyday

Mark Manson


Even the simple decisions we make, like deciding the cup we would use for drinking coffee involves a lot of brain activity.

It uses up a lot of resources and wastes the time and energy we are provided with.

Now multiply this amount of brain activity with 35000, Seems impossible to fathom, isn’t it?

“But Siva how are you suggesting me to live without deciding? How can I get through?”

You can’t. As human beings, we are ingrained with decision making. But what you can do is to reduce the volume of decisions you take every single day.

99% of the things we do in our lives do not matter and our job is to get rid of those useless decisions we take as much as possible.

How to identify these energy suckers and stop making them

Have you ever thought about deciding whether you would brush your teeth every morning?

You just wake up and brush your teeth.

You just have one brush and you use it.

That’s the point.

You to make these insignificant yet important tasks be automatic.

So what to do?

Replace/ Remove the root cause for making those decisions.

For me deciding my outfit every morning before heading out to college was overwhelming.

So I cranked out a black shirt and grey chinos for a month.

This is why Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs wear the same clothing every day. They try to avoid decision fatigue.

“So are you suggesting me to wear the same clothing every single day?”

Maybe, Maybe not…

It was clothing for me. It could be something else for you.

What else can I do?

Follow a simplistic lifestyle.

Stop spending so much time in deciding.

Remove the two different cups and replace it with one.

Get rid of the clothes you don’t wear.

Sell off that car which has been licking dirt in your garage.

Make necessity your priority.

Ditch the clutter and make life simpler.

If you are keen about making your life simpler, try out minimalism. It worked for me. It could work for you too!

I greatly value all your suggestions.

So feel free to comment below.

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