The True Meaning of Life is a Cup of Coffee

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There have been several ancient, western and eastern philosophies on the meaning of life and I am some 20-year-old proposing mine…

These are plainly my opinions about life and if you found it useful, feel free to adopt it.

What is the purpose of our existence when we all going to die someday… long forgotten?

Time for some unsexy, harsh truths

We are living in a galaxy with many planets than we can imagine.

To hell with planets, our universe comprises over one hundred billion galaxies.

In this big universe, we are an infinitely simal character.

We, humans, are trying to prove ourselves to be the best of the best.

If we are lucky enough, maybe we would be remembered for a few years

What would happen after a few thousand centuries?

Our puny existence doesn’t matter shit to the functioning of the universe

Sounds harsh, isn’t it?

If earth’s that small I wonder how huge we are…

So why do we bother doing shit to please others?

Why do we chase money and fame?

I hope everybody could become rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it is not the answer

Jim Carrey

Then you might think, what’s the point of living?

This might lead you thinking

“I will watch porn, get high on drugs and pleasure myself to death… At least I will be happy that way.”

Picture of a cigarette

Nope, it doesn’t work that way, buddy.

Yeah, I can hear you screaming

“What in the hell do you want me to do you dumbass?”

Now let me explain,

There is no one true meaning or purpose in life. Actually, it is quite the opposite,

The true meaning of our lives changes with time…

The real meaning of life

Without a meaning or a sense of purpose, we do not find true happiness and, we will never be in peace with ourselves

I believe that two acts can help us find it

  1. To grow as a better individual
  2. To help others

“Are you kidding?”

No, I don’t.

Growing as an individual corresponds to being self-aware of your strengths, flaws and being able to accept them. Learning to be in peace with yourself, having your emotions in check, doing what you love, looking for ways to develop yourselves, and so on…

I believe that it adds more value to our lives.

The second one is much more open and liberating

We cannot sustain as individuals, and we are made to live in groups.

The more lonely and unhappy with our lives the shorter they become

So why not we try helping someone…

Helping one another is one way of achieving a higher level of satisfaction or fulfilment

And by the way, help doesn’t mean dedicating your entire life to work on some cancer cure.

Help no matter, how big or small…

It could be as simple as preparing a cup of coffee for your wife/husband when you make one for you…

It could even be assisting your kid with his math work or helping him/her to ride a bicycle.

I am just going to grab a coffee for myself and my friend until then, Adios!

Inspired by Mark Manson’s article on “The Meaning of Life is a Ham Sandwich”.

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