A voice that goes unheard

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There she is, Unheard and Under-Appreciated.

She wakes up early in the morning, prepares breakfast and lunch, gets your kids ready. Dresses them up, feeds them and packs them for sending them to school.

But, you’re lounging on the sofa and you shout at her for missing sugar cubes in your coffee. You demand her the sugar cubes, instead of getting them yourself.

Without even having the time to apologize she runs back and forth the kitchen.

Amidst all this, your 3-year-old kid is crying and the elder one does not want to go to school and is stubborn about it.

She feeds the 3-year-old kid, convinces her the elder one to go to the school and packs food for you.

While you’re so goddamn busy thumbing through the devil in your pocket.

She dresses the elder one up. When you feel finally bored by the staring passively at the screen you notice the time. It’s 8.20 am.

You grab your lunch and rush off to the office without even having the time to kiss her goodbye.

When she rushes to the balcony to send you off, you’re already gone.

So she goes back in, gets ready for office, feeds both of your kids, takes them in her scooter. She drops the younger one at daycare and the elder at school. Kisses them both goodbye and rushes to the office.

She reaches the office by 9.05 am. Five minutes late for the meeting, she had to attend with her client. So she gets thrashed by her intimidating boss.

She apologizes to the boss and gets back to work. She returns home by 5 in the evening after picking up both her kids. Work stretches her thin and she could barely move an inch.

Deciding to take a quick nap, she lies on her couch. Before her eyelids could meet her kids pester her for ice cream. She suggests to get one another day but both of them refuse.

Finding it difficult to convince her kids she takes them to the nearby ice cream parlour. Has a fantabulous evening there and returns back.

Later that day, she helps her son with his homework, prepares dinner and entertains her little one.

You come back after a bad day at work and thrash her for no reason. You spend the evening watching television while she does the dishes.

You have your dinner, thumb through the devil and fall asleep there on the couch.

She feeds both your kids, sings lullaby songs, and kisses them goodnight.

She covers you with a blanket and turns off the television.

While you’re fast asleep, there she is on her study table working on her dreams of becoming a full-time artist.

Probably by half-past eleven she decides that she is done for the day and goes to sleep. The cycle repeats all over again.

No vacations or partying.


She never complains and is willing to work this way for her entire life (just for you) and holds pride in doing so.

She wears it as a badge of honour. Yes, she is the underappreciated mother.

I could be exaggerating here, but have we ever taken the time to help her? Let alone help, have we ever complimented her efforts(at least once in a while)?

This is not all. She also suffers the pain of being a woman physically.

She carries you around 10 months in her tummy. Undergoes a great deal of suffering for it, and is completely happy about it.

The sacrifices she makes, the pain she suffers is beyond measure.

She is great and she lives among us.

If not help, we could at least acknowledge her hardships, listen to her sufferings once in a while.

Maybe we should stop pushing the anger we carried from our office onto them.

Maybe we should stop staring at our displays and spend some time with her.

That’s all she yearns for. Your love and affection.

This doesn’t mean that men are lazy couch potatoes passing off time. Just as we do mistakes they do too. We make our sacrifices and they do too. We just have to acknowledge them.

To all the mothers, gonna be mothers, single moms and mothers who live just in our memory, hats off.

You‘re not interviewed for your sacrifices but you’re still a hero in our hearts.

The sacrifices you make, the pain you suffer, it’s inexplicable.

You’re one great human that lives amongst us.

We are indebted to you for life.

Let this post be a reminder to all us. To treat our mothers with respect. Accepting her shortcomings, showering her back the love and affection that she deserves.

Love you, mom!

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