How to build habits that stick like superglue?

I have been there. You’ve always wished to build a new habit. But repetitive failures made you lose your hope. Motivation keeps you going for the first couple of days. But in the long run, your failure becomes inevitable. Do you wish to know why suck at building habits? THE TYPICAL HABIT APPROACH We are what […]

The Bait-How traders exploit our brain’s comparing abilities to gain gargantuan profits

Shit! The idiot box went blank. The repair guy came over and estimated the repair price to be over 14500 rupees. Never in history a guy has spent a fortune over a TV which is about to reach its silver anniversary. And I didn’t wanna change it. I despise TVs; I hate it, yet I […]

A tiny guide on finding happiness through self-love

Switching off the annoying alarm, I wake up with a dizzy head. A clumsy walk to the balcony where I get sucker punched by the gust of wind. Before I could pull myself together, I found the 6-inch demon (laying on my bunk) demanding for my attention. I picked up this slick thing which displayed, […]

I Quit Social Media and Smartphones for Almost a Year

It all started somewhere around April-May 2018. I quit social media out of frustration. I was constantly skipping from one social media to another. From WhatsApp, Instagram to Facebook. My screen-on time went from 3 hours to a whopping 14 hours per day. That’s around 60% of the day. A war was being waged inside, […]

Does Life Really Suck or Is it Just You?

Meet my long time buddy Phil. “Hey there, Siva. Long time no see,” “Yes man! Been busy. My life sucks.” “What happened are you all right?” “Nothing much Phil! It’s just I can’t get used to this 9 to 5 work schedule and my dream of becoming an actor is totally crushed, blah, blah, blah… […]

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