• 10 Books To Spice Up Your Reading resolution
    2020 was a wild year; Unnoticeable viruses, locust attacks and lethargic lockdowns. You probably spent most of it glued to your shiny screens. It is time to give them a break. But what will you do without your soul(ahem…) smartphones? Reading books is a great option, and here I have come up with a list […]
  • How to cope with suffering in the world [3 Ways]
    I am not a medical expert of any kind, and this article must not be substituted for medical diagnosis. If you are struggling with depression, I highly suggest you seek a medical professional. Full disclosure: Some of the product links are affiliate links. This means I earn a small commission if you wish to buy […]
  • Don’t believe everything you read on the internet (Here’s why)
    Did you know if it wasn’t for 5g, COVID-19 wouldn’t have spread at all? And what about Trump winning the 2020 American elections?  Just kidding! The Internet has become the Bhagavad Gita, the Kuran and the Bible of our generation. From elections to diseases, every single conceivable topic is surrounded by a ton of myths. […]
  • How To Plan Your Day To Become Super Productive
    After an exhausting day at work, you settle on your sofa to binge Game of Thrones, but your roughened throat demands a glass of water. You drag yourself to the kitchen, but a chill runs down your spine as you step in.  Piles of dirty dishes lay in this sink. With a downcast face, you […]
  • You can never feel satisfied in life [3 Reasons]
    What if your life was one big cartoon show? One moment you are sad. And in the next a Genie pops out of the blue, waves abra-cadabra and poof. You’re flying on a pink unicorn through the land of everlasting bliss feeling satisfied in life. For argument, let us say a Genie grant your wishes. […]
  • Are we amusing ourselves to death?
    Pop-quiz time. Which of the following do you agree with? I love watching TV shows or social media before bed I’m unaware why junk food is addictive and consume the same at times. I cut back on tech and mindfully use them whenever possible I’m health junkie man You’re could be overstimulated, if you agreed […]
  • How to conquer your time by understanding yourself
    Just like clean baby diapers, time is something we wish we had more of. It always runs on shortage. But what if I give you some advice on managing your ti… wait a minute. Did I just say advice? Do you like them? Yeah me neither. So instead of being yet another post stuffed with […]
  • How to find your passion By exploration
    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you must have heard Instagrammers telling you to find your passion. It’s something that’s been thrown around the internet like a sack of crap. How exactly do you “find your passion”? Maps? Clues? Crazy 14th-century indecipherable codes? We’re willing to give everything to find […]
  • All you need to know about reading books
    Disclaimer: From choosing your books to devices, everything about reading books can be found here. Feel free to skip sections you don’t need as reading everything might feel overwhelming.  Due to the upsurge of passive entertainment, reading has taken a back seat. Nowadays, it’s often hard to sit with ourselves, let alone reading. However, you have […]
  • What if you had an Aladdin lamp?
    We all love genies, don’t we? Charming, cyan coated, certified chatterboxes. Boy, they cannot stop talking. And for this post, I’m gonna be your blabbermouth (ahem…) genie. So what would you wish for if you had three wishes? But before that, let’s take a look over the rules. The contract This is a big rule book, where […]
  • Redefining your opinions – from work to life
    We hold a wide spectrum of opinions on life. But what if we’re wrong? What happens when we fail to realize that we’re carried away by the Internet and culture? What if what you want isn’t actually what you want? To avoid being dragged by modern culture let’s explore five major definitions and interpret them […]
  • How to make good choices and avoid bad ones
    Choosing is hard and we’re often stuck at crossroads unable to choose. For instance, Pizza or burgers? Harry Potter or Game of thrones? Yellow or Pink underwear? Though we know we cannot enjoy both of them simultaneously, we always have a hard time convincing our brain the same. So we end up making trade-offs. Now, […]
  • Five fundamentals of a happy life
    We think boatloads of money, huge creepy houses and devouring buckets of ice cream will make us happy. Sometimes it does, often it doesn’t. But what if there’s a static metric for happiness? A way to ensure that we enjoy the lives we live. To understand this let’s take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of […]
  • How to engineer your environment for success
    Everybody loves to build healthy habits or kick off bad ones. You gather information through hours of research only to fail every single time. With enough failures, you end up thinking “Maybe something’s wrong with me“. But rarely do you analyze your methods and beliefs. This is the most common one. Table of Contents Will-power […]
  • 5 questions that fire your lazy brains
    The brain’s a funny organ. It just weighs 3.3 pounds (3% of body weight) and controls the rest of the body. 20% of energy goes to this tiny dude. Why? Is he doing that much work? People claim so but mine’s up there sleeping and eating pizzas all day. So in an attempt to piss […]
  • An Idea that could make you rich
    Disclaimer: This isn’t a get-rich-overnight scheme. Earning money is tough. Anybody telling you otherwise is either deluded or trying to scam you. Being unemployed or dissatisfied with your job it’s painful. And I know that you’re a passionate kid who works his ass off but the fact is it’s gonna take a very long time […]
  • Your brain on self-help
    With the ubiquitous quantity of content for the single term “How to improve yourself”, it often wonders that why we find it hard to write the first line of the 1000-word-essay or do a few push-ups every other day. We’ve started bingeing on self-help seminars and motivational videos with little to no output to show […]
  • 5 unusual things every parent must teach their kids
    Disclaimer: I am a parenting expert and have counselled 394 parents, helping them make their kids’ poop gold! I don’t represent any demographic and I am just random-guy writing stuff on the Internet. (If you haven’t figured out by now). Kids are cute, lovable and a pain-in-the-ass at times but the best gift one could […]
  • 10 Harsh truths that make you a better person
    We’re approaching a high-tech era where apps could tie your shoelaces. We have food at our doorsteps, an entire superstore a thumb away and what else? Living such a sophisticated life, we often get carried away overlooking the truths that life holds. Maybe a quick recap about it would inspire us to be more aware, […]
  • For people who feel lost in life
    I am not a medicinal expert of any sort. I’m sharing what’s worked for me. If you suffer from clinical depression and experience suicidal thoughts seek professional help or call 022-2754-6669 immediately. You feel like you’re at the lowest point of your life. Hopeless, lonely, depressed, filled with anxiety, feeling like an outcast. You wish […]
  • You don’t know what makes you happy
    We all love genies, don’t we? Three wishes and poof our life changes just like that. More money, more happiness, shiny washboard abs, big creepy houses, perfect spouses that pop out kids who devise crazy 5th dimension theories on their day of birth… Our wishes are endless. We know what makes us happy, or DO […]
  • The pandemic you’re unheard of: Passive Consumption
    I unlocked my phone and opened YouTube. Something grabbed my attention while my thumb moved involuntarily through the screen. “5 funny things you should never try”. While I was debating to open it, my obnoxious little thumb made the move. What supposed to be like a quick relaxation ended up being a binge for the […]
  • How should we react to 2020’s global pandemic?
    Coronavirus is a real threat with predictions that 40 -70% of the world population will be affected. The economy of countries tumbling like a stack of dominos, Covid-19 has taken over the world by storm. Enormously pressuring both the individual and the community leading to the most important question, How do we react to this […]
  • What is true love? And why should you care?
    In the movie Don Jon, the protagonist Jon Martello (a real good guy), but loves girls and porn obsessively. He meets Barbara (a bombshell), falls in love, and eventually has sex with her. But she never excites him the way porn does. And Barbara wants Jon to behave like a “real man”, one that never […]
  • The art of converting anger into disciplined energy
    Becoming a scientist is one of the challenging missions you could undertake. And being one who is funded to think is unfathomable. You have to be a bad-ass when it comes to thinking, with years of experience under your belt. You make theorems, chemicals and modified DNA strains that change the way the world works. […]
  • Life isn’t black and white
    Source: Image editz: Harish De Hamilton There was conflict everywhere. Cannons fired, bullets shot. The place was chaotic. Each blow was devastating. And both units didn’t seem to back off.  The fight went on for several minutes as I sat in the middle of the battlefield watching everything happening. But something shocked me. The […]
  • Wanna be successful? Have 50 kids.
    Welcome 2020! From fireworks to late night hangovers, we invite new year like a newborn. Their arrival delight us. We caress, care and play with them. The only difference between a newborn and a new year is that with each passing day our elation gradually subsides with the latter. And the comparison does not end […]
  • How to be less stressed
    Stress, the ghoulish shadow that latches onto us for eternity. It’s a goddamn soul-sucker, and it causes us a great deal of pain. We aspire for a life free of stress. And for the 143rd time let me make it clear, “Pain is inevitable.” The sooner you accept this the better are your odds of […]
  • I fell in love with death and she taught me to live
    It was 3 in the morning. My exhausted eyes pleaded me to stop watching random dog videos, but the task seemed insurmountable. I detested my life, the world around me felt hostile and I was a narcissistic addicted cry baby finding it difficult to move my lethargic ass away from my desk chair for the […]
  • Break your cocoon
    Our minds are nothing but a flock of values and beliefs. Each of them bleating and chirping inside the two-and-a-half pound meatloaf that sits between our ears. Certain of them cause us a great deal of suffering whereas other don’t. Few of those naughty values becomes a part of our identity and resists to leave […]
  • The gap that divided us all
    One of the most atrocious things that predominated Indian culture for the past 3000 years is caste. It runs deep in the veins of India and turns out to be one important factor that stops us from growing. The discrimination of people based on their castes is awful. Living in a society where even the […]
  • You too can save the world and it is free of cost
    We have grown up watching superheroes with huge powers saving the world. We become inspired and imitate their moves hoping that we too can become a superhero someday. As we grow up the thought of saving the world becomes ‘Unrealistic’. So dreams of saving the world, die in our brains. Very few people act on […]
  • Why are we addicted
    When we hear the word addiction our brain immediately associates with all sorts of crazy imaginations. Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Pornography, Smartphones(duh it’s me!). It’s great if you cannot identify yourself with any of the above addictions, but I bet there must be something that you are addicted to. Let me spit out some of those. […]
  • You are not your clothes.
    It’s Diwali. A nice family time; Sharing sweets, bursting crackers and even buying new clothes. And there is nothing wrong with buying clothes. But, have you ever asked yourselves, Why do buy new clothes on Diwali? This is what I found online Do new clothes, bury old painful memories of bygone years? If so, you […]
  • A voice that goes unheard
    There she is, Unheard and Under-Appreciated. She wakes up early in the morning, prepares breakfast and lunch, gets your kids ready. Dresses them up, feeds them and packs them for sending them to school. But, you’re lounging on the sofa and you shout at her for missing sugar cubes in your coffee. You demand her […]
  • How to build habits that stick like superglue?
    I have been there. You’ve always wished to build a new habit. But repetitive failures made you lose your hope. Motivation keeps you going for the first couple of days. But in the long run, your failure becomes inevitable. Do you wish to know why suck at building habits? Table of Contents THE TYPICAL HABIT APPROACHMINI- […]
  • The Happiness Paradox
    Buzzing off the annoying alarm, I wake up feeling tensed. I go outside to fetch the daily newspaper where I encounter my neighbour Rahul. There he is in his running shorts and t-shirt. He picks up the newspaper for me, hits me with his charismatic smile, which felt like a moment of happiness that vanished […]
  • The Bait
    Shit! The idiot box went blank. The repair guy came over and estimated the repair price to be over 14500 rupees. Never in history a guy has spent a fortune over a TV which is about to reach its silver anniversary. And I didn’t wanna change it. I despise TVs; I hate it, yet I […]
  • A tiny guide on finding happiness through self-love
    Switching off the annoying alarm, I wake up with a dizzy head. A clumsy walk to the balcony where I get sucker punched by the gust of wind. Before I could pull myself together, I found the 6-inch demon (laying on my bunk) demanding for my attention. I picked up this slick thing which displayed, […]
  • I Quit Social Media and Smartphones for Almost a Year
    It all started somewhere around April-May 2018. I quit social media out of frustration. I was constantly skipping from one social media to another. From WhatsApp, Instagram to Facebook. My screen-on time went from 3 hours to a whopping 14 hours per day. That’s around 60% of the day. A war was being waged inside, […]
  • The myth we all buy into
    All the participants gather at the 100 meters starting point. “I am sorry Siva, what is going on here” On your mark! Siva? Set! “Are you there man?” Go! “Hey guys look, there he is. Siva running in a race with… wait WHAT? Am I seeing it right? He is running in a race with […]
  • Does Life Really Suck or Is it Just You?
    Meet my long time buddy Phil. “Hey there, Siva. Long time no see,” “Yes man! Been busy. My life sucks.” “What happened are you all right?” “Nothing much Phil! It’s just I can’t get used to this 9 to 5 work schedule and my dream of becoming an actor is totally crushed, blah, blah, blah… […]
  • You do not hate them, you just hate yourself
    You buy the last chocolate ice cream cone with delicious toppings (yummy!) from the nearby ice cream store. You do not immediately start eating but wonder how these beautiful things are made. You visualize yourself cherishing the ice cream in multiple ways. As the sun’s heat rises, the cone melts. A drop of ice cream […]
  • This is why you feel like a sloth all day
    Sloths, the slowest mammals on the planet. They sleep for over 15 hours every single day. Do you feel like one? Being tired all day regardless of whether you worked. But have you ever wondered why you feel like a stupid, lazy exhausted sloth even on a weekend?? Why? Where does all of that surplus […]
  • The True Meaning of Life is a Cup of Coffee
    There have been several ancient, western and eastern philosophies on the meaning of life and I am some 20-year-old proposing mine… These are plainly my opinions about life and if you found it useful, feel free to adopt it. What is the purpose of our existence when we all going to die someday… long forgotten? […]
  • How compulsive shopping ruins your life
    I am not a medical expert of any kind. And this post deals only with the initial levels of compulsive shopping. If you are suffering from oniomania(Compulsive Buying Disorder – CBD) I request you to seek professional help. Think about the last time you went shopping. Was it intentional? It had to serve some purpose right? […]