A tiny guide on finding happiness through self-love

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Switching off the annoying alarm, I wake up with a dizzy head. A clumsy walk to the balcony where I get sucker punched by the gust of wind. Before I could pull myself together, I found the 6-inch demon (laying on my bunk) demanding for my attention. I picked up this slick thing which displayed,

“1 new mail received”

I open the clutter box, where in bold letters I see a mailed from “AMAZON”

It read

Congratulations, we have selected you as the lucky winner to get an Amazon credit of Rs.5000. (Blah… Blah…)

Lucky me! I went to work with my enthusiasm switch turned on.

(10 monotonous draining hours later)

I crawled back home from my sulky office with a long face. My tummy demanded me food as I opened my fridge.

NOTHING! An empty fridge.

I bolted the door firmly and went out with anger.

Desperate for a source of dopamine to humble my shrieking nerves, I pull out my phone.


FUCK! This day can’t get any worse.

I run to the nearby fast-food joint to satiate my hunger.

I lost count of the pizzas and burgers which I gobbled up at which point I headed to the nearby bar to get a final shot of whiskey to ease my mental pain. But I didn’t stop with one.

Umpteen shots of whiskey went into my gargantuan mouth and the next thing I remember is that I wake up wasted near a dumpster.

I hated myself for the guy I was.

Earlier that day, I liked myself when I won the Amazon credit and I didn’t when I was lying wasted along the dumpster.

“How do you love yourself when you do shit?”

Self love- The one thing which makes us feel happy about who we are

When you have the body of your dreams you like yourself.

But what if the opposite happens…

Say you put on some weight,

Say they overlook you and select the guy whom you hate as the project leader, what do you do?

Just ask yourself the following question,

If you don’t love yourself, then who would?

Yes, I have done stupid shit last night, but what’s the point of hating yourself. It doesn’t get you anywhere, right?

Even though, when I lie wasted near the dumpster, I love myself. I realize that as humans seldom we do some dumb shit and it’s OKAY.

“Treat yourself like someone you love.” -Adam Roa

What loving yourself means

You aren’t as sexy as your brother who has those shiny washboard abs. So you decide only to be happy when you have one too.


Happiness only lives in those small moments where you realize that you are a lazy, fat ass who sits on a couch all day, staring at the 40-inch screen passively.

“You want me to just sit there and love myself for being a couch potato?”

No man, What I want you to do is, accept yourself that you are a lazy and do something about it.

Punishing yourself is counterintuitive. When you indulge in self-loathing, you aren’t helping yourself grow.

You are affirming yourself of the fact that you are a lazy piece of shit. With this mindset you fall into the never ending down spiraling loop of B.S.

Only with acceptance comes growth. And Ignoring negativity doesn’t help you either.

You don’t fall either into the trap of ignoring the negativity or fall prey for it, when you love yourself.

Self love is acceptance, respecting yourself, patting yourself on the back when you have lost and vice versa.

It’s not that we don’t have companions and we will be loners throughout our lifetime. We cannot be happy even if others affirm that they love us. Only when we love ourselves, we could love others.

It’s time that we take care of our own selves. Only we have to parent us and we have to shower ourselves with love.

Even research backs claims on why self-love helps you to cope up with stress and its other astounding benefits.

Self love isn’t some medal or achievement; It is a life-long process.

It involves loving yourself even if you are imperfect.

And don’t confuse self-love with narcissism

One who isn’t content with himself seeks the approval of others


Yeah, I said it.

A minimalist guide on loving yourself

Self love is taking care of yourself when shit hits the fan.

Spend more time doing things you love

It means being yourself and loving yourself even though you are insecure.

You don’t need some other person to make your life complete.

Love yourself even if you have an apron belly.

Love yourself even if you don’t have a chiseled face as great as Tom Cruise.

I look in the mirror and see a flawed guy. He is skinny, not so charismatic, a remarkable introvert and a boring guy. He is flawed from head to toe, yet I love him.

What about you? Do you love the person whom you look at the mirror?

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