Wanna be successful? Have 50 kids.

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Welcome 2020! From fireworks to late night hangovers, we invite new year like a newborn. Their arrival delight us. We caress, care and play with them. The only difference between a newborn and a new year is that with each passing day our elation gradually subsides with the latter.

And the comparison does not end here. Just like every other baby, this one cries, shits in their pants, and requires immense care and attention. But what do we do? Many of us let 2020 clean its own poop. And has that ever worked out? Never in history.

We set up “ambitious goals” take up “life changing resolutions” only to fail remarkably.

I’m sorry, kid.

One year becomes two and before we could realize, we hold in our hand, yet another weeping baby with Poopy pants that unfortunately dies off on December 31st. We voluntarily miss out on the opportunity of becoming a proud parent each year.

What would happen if we take care of each year, just like our babies, instead of allowing them to splash around in their own puddle of pee?

Things would get better. And I mean waaaaay better, won’t they? Okay, this is how we will save this year.

Learn new Skills.

“Oh, come on, man! Do you even know how intelligent and capable I am. Do you have even the slightest hint of whom you are talking to?”

And that’s exactly the same clip that we run inside the thick skull of ours to the point of monotony. We think of ourselves as “intelligent, charming, handsome” when we all are dumb, narcissistic, egoistical brats running around in circles, like tribal men who claims to know “Everything”. Let alone us realizing that we are mere casualties of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Humans suck. Period. And the admitters of this hard truth have engraved their names in the history books.

Michael Jordan was a perfect example of this. Though he had reached great heights, his performance never satisfied him. He kept finding new ways to push him forward.

The compounding effect of learning abilities

Schooling doesn’t assure employment but skill does

Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

One, With the frantic pace at which the world moves, the gap between the intellects and the inexperienced is more likely to fatten. You improve your odds of living a better life by learning a new skill. 

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

And if you find yourself nothing else to do, staring into the abyss of your smartphone screen, devouring the 8th slice of pizza and lying on your sofa with cheese and pizza all over your face, this is what I would suggest you to do. Get your shit together, move your ass and start doing something.

Two, With the ubiquitous accessibility of information at your fingertips, becoming better has never been easier. Yet we waste all our time watching cute cat videos, don’t we? Or is it just me?

“And with great power comes great responsibility…” 

-Uncle Ben

And he was right all the time.

The one skill a year challenge

We call you uneducated when you have 50–5000 friends on Facebook and you are still broke 

Mac Duke The Strategist

I take up the challenge of learning only one new skill every year from this year (age 20) till I breathe my last (Let’s assume 73). During the gap between I would have accumulated 53 skills. And it can be anything from painting, singing, programming to emotional intelligence or self discipline.

Take up one skill that you wish to learn and put your heart and soul in it for the rest of the year and see the wonder that happens.

Now you decide to start learning something. You look up the internet and find yourself with a plethora of choices, and I bet it is impossible to choose one. Let me help you sort out this hassle.

The following video teaches you the essential twelve dimensions you need to focus on, to live a good life.

Check it out! And I am not marketing mindvalley.

List down the skills, rate everything from 1 to 10. This aids you to find out the areas you fall behind. Start learning skills corresponding that specific area.

If you find this overwhelming, just start doing something. You will soon land up in doing something that excites you. The most important thing is that you start. Get the ball moving.

Some of the best skills that you can gain are,

  1. Communication skills
  2. Emotional intelligence
  3. Reading faster
  4. Cooking
  5. Public speaking

Or if you like to go a little more creative, this is what I would recommend

  1. Art
  2. Dance
  3. Working out
  4. Photography, et cetera

Finally, let me be clear for 185th time. The point of learning these skills is not to show off the number of skills you “learnt”. Just learn, invest your time in something for a year. If not a year at least for 6 months. If it still interests you it will take change your life beyond your wildest imaginations.

Take an hour or 30 minutes every day. Allocate it to learn a specific skill. Learn something that excites you, something new, something creative, something that gets the neurons in your brain jump with joy. Lose yourself in the process and enjoy it. Isn’t it better to learn a skill than to while all your time in the endless gulf of Netflix and social media? And having nothing to show for it except but a gigantic void for all the meaningless years you wasted.

I will learn something new this year. And I suggest you to do the same. Share your progress, empower others in the process and make a change. You have in you an infinite potential more than you could ever fathom. But it all comes down to your choices.

I am planning to be the proud parent of fifty kids (figuratively). How many kids do you want?

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Rakesh January 22, 2020

Great article da siva

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