The Bait

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Shit! The idiot box went blank. The repair guy came over and estimated the repair price to be over 14500 rupees. Never in history a guy has spent a fortune over a TV which is about to reach its silver anniversary. And I didn’t wanna change it.

I despise TVs; I hate it, yet I cannot live without it. So I decided to buy one.

If it could display all the channels then I up for it. That was all my expectation for a new TV. Why?

I was already drowning in debt, defaulted rent payments for the past 2 months, and several other monthly installments to be paid. (Yeah, I was poor with money)

Headed to the nearby TV store, where I see a million ominous eyes (ahem…) big dazzling screens staring back at me, each with their seductive vision. They were all screaming at the top of their lungs to buy them.

For the first time in my life, I was met with a gazillion choices.

The retailer recommended me with the beginner one.

“You wanna watch movies on a fantastic 32-inch LED display with surround sound technology you ought to go with this one. ”, he said pointing to it.

I loved it. Before I could pay him, he interrupted

“Or you could go with the 32-inch LED TV with surround sound technology, along with WiFi and Bluetooth facilities.”

Damn it was seductive enough to turn me down. Before I could analyze, the retailer stopped me and insisted

“Or even you could watch movies in a 40-inch dazzling LED screen, with Dolby effects which could make you go nuts (in a good way…), has a built in WiFi, Bluetooth facilities, with screen mirroring, (blah… blah…) he continues to numb my ears for the next 2 minutes with its sexy features). And this Smart TV costs you only 23000 rupees”

I was perplexed, with a help-me-please kinda look plastered across my face. He realized my situation and placed his hands over my shoulder and said

“Man, let me give you a little piece of advice. Always go with the best one. Why? It always lasts longer. And you need not buy a new one just for new features. Think!”

I fell for his advice and bought the latter one.

I was excited. I set up my TV in my living room and stared passively at it for the next umpteen hours. I fell asleep before it drooling over the sofa, without even turning off the TV.


I was lying there on my sofa staring at the void screen of my television. I wondered why had I spent a fortune on that dumb thing when I am downtrodden in debt.

It wasn’t as exciting the week before. It was worse.

It was an aching remainder of my lavish spending habits. With the fear of becoming broke, I sat there blankly looking at the screen.

Sounds familiar?

We are being tricked

At some point of our lives, we all have regretted on buying certain things which we don’t need.

All I wanted was a simple television but ended up spending a fortune on something which I don’t need. (It hurts to look at its penance stare)

I loved the first television, but somewhere along the way I lost focus.

First, the retailer manipulated me in buying the big stupid television.

Second, the brain is naïve when comparison takes the stage. Let me illustrate,

When we compare both the televisions side by side the one, the 40-inch screen looks “better” and you invest on this one.

But when the television sits all alone in your room, it doesn’t matter if the television is 40/32 inch. All that matters is that it has to satisfy the basic needs of a television.

If your necessity is a 40-inch TV go with a 40-inch and not a 50.

We forget our necessities and fall for the retailers trap of buying something else which we have no use for.

Needs are pushed down and facilities and comfort goes up.

This is where the retailers leverage to earn money.

The next time before you go shopping, just think about it.

Ask yourselves this question

“Will I be excited (as I am now) a week/month later buying this product X, which has additional facilities which I don’t need? Is it worth that money?”

Or a much simpler question…

“Is this product a necessity or not?”

Replace necessity with comfort.

Place your priorities first.

Get out of that debt.

Attain financial freedom.

Because only these intangible things help you to be happy.

A 40-inch screen won’t keep you happy if you are in debt.

Think about it.

I choose to be debt free, what’s your choice?

Inspired from the book Stumbling on happiness by Daniel Gilbert

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