How our perception of time affects us

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What would you do if you had 86400 rupees credited in your bank every morning and it would vanish that night? Won’t we be desperate to use every penny?

We guess this is how time works. We have short life spans, and we realize time equals money. But have we ever questioned it?

Have we ever thought what this short perception of time does to us?

People who promoted time = money believed that this idea would convince us to stop taking it for granted. Yes, this ideology helped a few people realize it’s value. But for the rest, this happens,

The perception of having less time arises a sense of fear and anxiety out of which we act. We rush up things, become stressed out and still stay busy all day.

sand falling in hour glass

The busier we become, the less productive we are. And time management is out of the question.

Ask yourself, if you think life is short, the average human life span of 79 years, how long do you need?

500 years? How about 1000?

Imagine, how can you use a 1000 years if you cannot use the given 79 years.

So what is the alternative?

We have to embrace the truth. We have enough time in our lives, neither less, not more. And it’s the most important asset of our life.

This new perspective helps us to enjoy the days we get. We all want to spend our lives happily doing things we love, following our passion, living out our dreams…

Manage it wisely and live your lives to the fullest!

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