What if you had an Aladdin lamp?

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We all love genies, don’t we? Charming, cyan coated, certified chatterboxes. Boy, they cannot stop talking. And for this post, I’m gonna be your blabbermouth (ahem…) genie. So what would you wish for if you had three wishes? But before that, let’s take a look over the rules.

The contract

This is a big rule book, where must we start? Let’s see… Aha, page 39 of 8,463. The contract states the pers… (Throws out the contract book right through the window). What? Reading that crap felt like an eternity. Unless you’re a masochist who loves reading lifeless contracts let me give you a gist of it.

You can’t mess with free will – Neither can you make someone fall in love with you, nor induce your 10th-grade teacher slap himself with an electric fly swatter for eternity. And I cannot make you happy because you’re bored out of your mind. Sorry, out of my powers.

You only get three wishes – Don’t try to be Mr. smarty-pants by wishing for 1000 more wishes using one. You’re flushing that one down the toilet if you do so.

IMPORTANT: I can’t bring people back from the dead – I won’t help you take over the world with your zombie mates. The last time that happened, my brain was … Ugh Never mind…

I would love to not have my brain eaten by someone else. Source

Wishes cost lifetime – What? I ain’t Teresa. How do you expect me to run Genie Inc. with my 283 employees? Anyways depending on your wants, I’ll take away a small part of your life in exchange.

On to the exciting stuff…

Your offers

Instead of overwhelming you with many choices, we’ve a few plans to help you get started.

  1. Money (The most popular choice) – Wish for any amount of money (Max: 1 billion) the next moment it’s under your foot. What’re gonna use it for? Fancy cars? Creepy Bungalows? A dead guy’s painting that’s worth more than your entire lives spendings? But here’s the catch – the number of years you lose depends upon the digits of cash you wish for. 1 year for a dollar and 10 for a billion. So be dumb and take the last option!
  2. Vehicles that run with no fuel – Sexy bikes and cars that can go up to 300 mph with zero fuel and maintenance costs. Sounds cool? A popular wanderlusts choice. I own one too. Here’s my girlfriend riding one.
Hi there! Check out my super-cool stunningly fast bike

What you trade: 4 years of your life

3. Anything materialistic – Just tell me what you want, I’ll give you that. Burj khalifa? The Pyramids of Giza? KFCs? Done!

What you trade: 5 years of your lifetime – nonnegotiable. (Even if you wish for a $50 bicycle)

4. Around the world in 360 days – Another popular wanderlust option. 

A long time travel package where I and my fellow genies will take you on a trip around the world in a year. But you can only come.

What you trade: 5 years of lifetime

5. Become a super-expert in one field of choice – Best comedian, actor, athlete, director, CEO, any domain you choose. Wanna be a scientist? BOOM! You can now prove that the earth is flat and the sun is simply a tasty Ladoo that nobody ever got to taste.

What you trade: 5 solid years 

6. Become a superhero for 500 hours – Pretty self-explanatory. Any power you wish for is yours – Superhuman strength? Flying? Godlike wifi hacking abilities? Invisibility? Teleportation? Your imagination is your limit.

Popular among the kid’s realm and is a one time experience.

What you trade: 5 unrenewable years. 

7. The essentials offer – This is an interesting one. We pay for your bare essentials – Groceries, electricity, medicine, fuel, education, rent – stuff like this. But you’ve got to earn for the rest. And don’t even think about selling your groceries to make money. 

What you trade: 3 years

8. Make no wish – You cannot make only one wish and skip out on the rest. It’s an all or nothing deal. If this is your choice, we’ll enjoy a small cup of coffee, play video games for a while and be on our separate ways with 7 additional years of life for you. Seems fair?

What would you wish?

We love wishing for a better life but have we ever considered the tradeoffs? Now if a situation arises to see right away what you’re trading for your life, would you take it? Would you give so many years for something? If I were your genie, what would you wish for? 

Comments are appreciated.

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